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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2017 4:00pm-4:16pm CEST

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you know about germany's general election. you put it to q. and they're going to. ask you w your questions about germany but if i had a metaphor they went. right to us on facebook we'll answer your questions. this is you know your news live from berlin it is the final day of campaigning for an election that could change germany's political landscape surveys show chancellor angela merkel and her conservatives are poised to win the most seats in parliament
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but her challenger module showed some says don't believe the polls anything is possible many are already asking which of germany's smaller parties will finish third also coming up in the show they're both you know the end this is their work not only my parents work but also my grandparents thank god we're at least alive some of them guessing three days after mexico's massive earthquake remote communities are still waiting for help you visited one village that's sticking itself out of the trouble. hello and welcome i met her man it is good to have you with us german chancellor angela merkel and her challenger martin schultz are out on their final day of campaigning before germans go to the polls on sunday medical who looks poised to
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enter a fourth term in office was on a walkabout she's meeting voters in her own constituency in kaif's found in northeastern. all right and joining us now from the western german city of often is the w's rebecca meyer she is covering the final day of campaigning by miracles main challenger in this election martin schultz all right rebecca schultz is putting a positive spin on things so what was the mood like at this final rally. for you certainly got the crowd fired up it was the highlight of the day for many people here in iraq and hundreds of people packed into the city's main routes hope square to see the ask each candidate give his final statement but when i talked to some of the people standing around me though there was an air of resignation the polls are not looking particularly stellar for the ascii right now they were
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polling between twenty one and twenty two percent possibly historical lows expected tomorrow a little all japanned on at the last s.p.d. you can manage to rally some of these undecided voters who are still trying to figure out which camp which candidate and which party is that they wish to go to work let's talk about martin schultz for a moment it was just a few months ago that people had a lot of hope that he might prove a strong challenger to medical what has gone wrong for him. or some of the things that have gone wrong they've they've really confused a lot of the die hard assed p.d. and campaigners that i talked to today because they a lot of people really like him and as a as a person they find him very very friendly very very charismatic but something that's really harmed the last p.d.u. lots of people told me is being in the grand jury wishing according to them there's
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not as much of a differentiation now for them between the c.d.u. between miracle c.d.u. and the ass beauty and. for them that's hurt them on the on the campaign trail. well what if the problem is the party i mean they've put up a string of candidates against marco shrewder myopia steinbach and now schultz and it looks like each one is going to do a little worse than the last. it is it is a really fascinating trend actually and it's something that a lot of s.p.d. voters and as well as s.p.d. politicians are quick to point out that merkel is extremely good at quote unquote stealing topics from her from her opponents one of the ones that came just a couple months ago was she was that germany's gay marriage that that the german parliament voted on gay marriage and that was that was
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a an ask you did issue for many many years. and therefore was able to call that to vote and sort of perhaps steal a little bit of the funder that the ascii was hoping to to maybe cash in them during this election and also though the party has moved just simply towards the center perhaps through their wits work with merkel and and a lot of people they don't recognize the party that they'd grown up with they don't recognize the party that defined their cities. write some very canny politicking from on the american rebecca thanks very much for reporting for us from s.p.d. central and. well during her final days campaigning up in style zones chancellor merkel should her usually stateswoman like image to get down on her knees she joined a street rally in support of life saving c.p.r. techniques she led the crowd as she performed first aid maneuvers
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a bit tell me. the. movie go home. all right and jared really is no dummy he is in the studio with us here to talk about some social media strategies you know our usual pictures from the chancellor there that's not the pose we often there is this a trend our candidates doing stunts like this to get out the vote and well we can see you know in the last campaigning almost anything goes for the big major parties and what we've been seeing in the last week is the big parties trying to appeal to the undecided voters and also the people who are not going to vote at all who are going to abstain and we nari from pollsters saying that the voter turnout in this election is going to be lower so we're going to take a look at the c.d.u. you know we know that they're leading the polls but there's not much point in that if you can't get your supporters out to the ballot boxes so what they're doing that they're doing it with a bit of celebrity power and these are german celebrities pledging their support
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for angela merkel on the cd use instagram account we've got music icon heiner and olympic swimming gold medalist francisco van arms it she's praising merkel for not why you bring when it comes to making big decisions but you know the c.d.u. is also taking the efforts offline they're literally knocking on doors to get reluctant or undecided voters to the polls they're also hoping technology will give it an advantage here there's an app for volunteers which helps target neighborhoods with attentional supporters now on the other hand germany's second biggest poddy these social democrats the s.p.d. we know that they're lagging a lot behind on go americal see you so they're really hoping social media might turn their fortunes around they're trying really really hard and they've got this new video that they've released this week showing off their canvassing efforts in this case it's a video game volunteer earning points by accomplishing tasks for the s.p.d.
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all around berlin you know it's a little bit kitschy it's a little bit of money but it's all part of the last seventy two hours before the. before the poll tomorrow i want to talk with you about a particular social media campaign that's going on targeting women what's behind this well that's right and i didn't know this until this week but apparently in every election in germany since nine hundred fifty three more men have gone to the polls than women and that's a bit surprising because there are about two million more women in germany than there are men so there's a new campaign that is hoping to change old os it's called joe woman the as opposed to germany it was launched by twenty three german magazines with a combined readership of more than twenty million each magazine has content specifically targeted to day rate is it's a mix of celebrities fashion and activism to try and get more women out to the polls the editor in chief of germany's glamour magazine has told us why she's good
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at it you buy she got involved so let's have a look at what she had to say. i meant. the big will have a few puffs of it the skiff added funding to known for fall. we're going to head. now. so not women voters could be a big factor in this election and we've got old election coverage on our website which is d w dot com indeed we do there jared reed thanks very much for joining us here in the studio you know as the campaigning draws to a close ahead of sunday's elections we do have much much more conversation going on online you can get all our coverage at d.d.b. dot com and also plenty of stuff on our facebook page also our twitter feeds just look out for our hash tag that is germany decides and don't hesitate to get and tell us what you think germany's future.
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we have some breaking news coming in from mexico another earthquake has struck the region of the haka in the southeast of the country the tremors were also felt in mexico city this comes only four days after another strong quake destroyed dozens of buildings in the capital and killed two hundred ninety five people world nationwide thus far now kelly has visited one of the communities south of mexico city where residents are still trying to cope with the heavy damage from the last quake. this is. a small village about one hundred kilometers southeast from mexico city the church here had to close its doors after the earthquake most houses are built with breaks made of matter and straw known as adults this make them specially vulnerable which does not have houses made of adobe
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have collapsed apparently were exactly on the earthquake fault line most houses here all wood and made of adobe. that is yes house was also completely destroyed she knows it will have to be torn down except to do that this is a huge loss for us emotionally too but now are even more united more than ever. her neighbor got him out the u.s. is still trying to salvage things off value from the rubble. used to just have a roof they have these big dried leaves we brought down from the mountains. so when they finally got a tiled roof that was a huge improvement for our parents. and. the father the devastated house is much more than a loss for him. this is their work not only my parents' work but
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also my grandparents thank god we're at least alive. his daughter sania was born and grew up in this house. i was born here i lived in my childhood i have beautiful memories. now she'll have to help her father rebuild it government help has barely arrived in the perry ferry of mexico city the main help here comes from civilians. among those arriving to help our students and teaching staff from universities and schools in other towns and cities look at it then you know as good as we didn't want to stand around doing nothing we were planning to go to mexico city but then we noticed the villages in the countryside were much more in need of our help so here we are. this village has never witnessed such distraction the people here were lucky they have been spared that they suffered in mexican capital . and here everyone hopes to have a home again. very soon. iran claims it has
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successfully tested a new medium range missile it's not clear exactly when that launch took place but the announcement came just days after u.s. president donald trump sharply criticized iran's government and threatened to demand changes to the international agreement on iran's nuclear program. iran claims its latest medium range ballistic missile can carry several warheads as far as two thousand kilometers state t.v. showed footage of the launch from an unspecified location within iran. a day earlier the new missile was the star attraction at a military parade in the capital tehran a defiant president rouhani insists iran does not need permission to develop its missile program before market whether the western powers want it or not iran will defend the world's innocence we will increase our defense power in any form we deem
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necessary as well as upgrading the missile systems we will also strengthen naval ground and air forces meet. us president donald trump has already threatened to pull out of the existing u.n. agreement limiting iran's nuclear program but earlier this week at the u.n. trump delivered a scathing criticism of iran. the iranian government masks a corrupt dictatorship behind the false guise of a democracy it has turned a wealthy country with a rich history and culture into an economically depleted rogue state whose chief exports are violence bloodshed and chaos. tehran says its rockets son not designed to carry nuclear weapons but the challenge is there trump will announce next month whether the u.s. is pulling out of the iran nuclear deal. right before
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we go here's a reminder of the top story we've been following for you this hour. germany heads to the polls on sunday to elect a new pro parliament uncle americal is tipped to win a fourth term as chancellor but the far right alternative for germany party is expected to enter the bundestag for the first time. that's your news wrap to join us again at the top of the hour and if you want more news right now you can always go to our web site that is d w dot com thanks for watching to. make your store t.v. even smarter with the d w four small. what you want when you want it to do extraordinary. and you decide what's on.


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